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We aspire to be a technology leading company that can help to turn your business ideas into a successful product/solution, and we improve our users' everyday experiences with creative and intelligent technologies.

Zenstream Technology is a fast expanding and creative provider of information technology services. Using the knowledge of individuals with extensive technical experience, the company focuses on data integration services, operating solutions customization.

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Zenstream Technology

Zenstream is positioned to delivery cutting-edge products and solutions to internet application operators, upgrading and transformation enterprises, and companies seeking competitive technology advantage in industry, especially in the fast-growing emerging overseas internet markets.

The members of our team are top-performers in industry, come from the first-tier Internet Companies. Apart from excellent academic background, our team members have extensive experience in industry.


Our dedicated team of qualified engineers specializes in the following

Custom Software Development

We work hard to make the path to sustainable business growth straightforward and fulfilling, whether you're seeking for end-to-end product development or a scale-up of your in-house staff.

As a company with software product development expertise, we assist enterprises at each step of the development life cycle: from ideation to implementation and production.

Mobile Application Development

We expertly redesign your existing mobile application with custom features, integrations, and modifications, or we can create the ideal mobile app from scratch.

We are highly skilled at creating Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps that include all of your necessary and specifically tailored business requirements at competitive prices.

Custom API Development & Integration

Using REST, SOAP, XML, and RPC API protocols, our developers-for-hire offer reliable API development and third-party API integration services, increasing the capabilities of your present application with new and pre-existing third-party systems & devices.

We can connect a third-party API to enable your software solution to smoothly interface with other apps, devices, and business processes or we can design a new API to improve your present off-the-shelf solution.

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