About Us

Zenstream Technology is a fast expanding and creative provider of information technology services. Using the knowledge of individuals with extensive technical experience, the company focuses on data integration services, operating solutions customization.

Zenstream is a technology-driven firm with a talented developers, engineers, and leading solutions with own copyrights.

The members of our team are top-performers in industry, come from the first-tier Internet Companies. Apart from excellent academic background, our team members have extensive experience in industry.

With the help from this elite team, we believe:

- They will accelerate business growth of Zenstream.
- They will provide industry leading customized products and solutions.
- Our IT professionals have worked relentlessly to propel "Zenstream" to the forefront of the industry.

We aim to help our business partners establish a dimensionality reduction competitive advantage in market, allowing them to gain a focus on expanding the scale of the local market and services by offering cutting-edge data integration and analytics, payment gateway and processing solutions.

Zenstream will first enter to the fields of data integration and information services, as well as supporting related intelligent analysis products and products. customized development service will a vital part to quickly establish partnership with targeted Internet application markets.
Zenstream’s primary focus is on delivering outstanding results. Our solutions are tailored to individual enterprise. Enterprise-grade quality of process and deliverables is always the first.
Complete transparency throughout project engagement will be always insisted.


To help our business partners establish a dimensionality reduction competitive advantage in market.


To provide exceptional value and opportunities to our customers and staff.

Our Values


Complete transparency throughout project.


We are genuine to our portrayal of ourselves and proud of what we accomplish.


Curiosity fuels our creativity, which leads to achievement.


Enterprise-grade quality of processes and deliverables.

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