Big Data and Data Engineering

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Big Data and Data Engineering

The Data Analysis Management Information System is a cloud-based analytics software tool that aims to help users discover insights without the need for analyst input.
It unifies IT-managed enterprise data with user-owned data, supporting the blending of both in a top-down and bottom-up manner. It uses consistent business metrics to structure raw data into organized sets and visualizations.
It helps users identify patterns and better understand raw and unstructured data.

It offers a seamless, integrated UI that allows users to perform every step of the data analysis process in a single interface, enabling a smooth experience.
It can be deployed either from the cloud or self-hosted on-premises.

Data Collection and Visualities

We believe that data quality is one of the most important components in project success. We have extensive experience in sifting through any type of data, and transforming it to meaningful market and business insights.

Processing and Analyzing

We assist businesses in the processing and structuring of data to aid in decision-making and forecasting, as well as to increase corporate insight for better decision making.

Data Warehouse

Zenstream assists businesses in laying the foundation for data collection and analysis. To aid intelligent decision and expedite that decision-making.

Data Mining

Data mining is used to extract important insights from massive, diversified, and ever-growing information. Zenstream provides data mining services to assist our clients in gaining analytical insights to solve business challenges.

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