Licensing and Copyright

Licensing and Copyright

Zenstream currently provides non-sublicensable and non-transferable license to install and use the software and application products during the applicable License Term for business purposes. We will provide copyright and licensed software program for payment gateways, big data and data engineering and other areas in a very short future.

Payment Gateways

Zenstream develops codes for third-party/aggregated payment gateway platform and settlement system, mobile wallet payment products. We can extend open source to meet requirements, which is crucial assurances regarding the discovery, operation, and packaging of the software.

We modernize legacy payment and accounting systems to deliver software that enables end users to complete one-click transactions from any device.

We also help banks and other financial entities to expand their payment processing solutions by developing custom desktop and mobile applications for virtual and retail point-of-sale terminals.

Payment Gateway Services Include:
Payment Processing Solutions

We update legacy payment and accounting systems to provide software that allows end customers to perform one-click transactions from any device.

Payment Gateway Development

Zenstream supports in the development of secure API gateways and their integration with payment processing apps to facilitate money transfer.

API Integration

We help you integrate payment gateways with reputable service providers in order to execute transactions in your FinTech product.

Payment Apps Development

Zenstream develops bespoke desktop and mobile apps for virtual and retail point-of-sale terminals to assist banks and other financial institutions in expanding their payment processing solutions.

Cash Settlement

We understand how crucial settlements is to your business, Zenstream provides development in instant cash settlement and other cash function development.

Anti-fraud Systems for Payment Processing

We employ a variety of established anti-fraud technologies when creating and integrating payment systems, including customer account validation and transaction tracking, tokenization, fraud management filters (FMF), and point-to-point encryption.

Risk Control

Zenstream helps customers in addressing the potential exposures created by new innovations, partnerships, and ongoing financial and regulatory market developments.

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