Our dedicated team of qualified engineers specializes in the following

Custom Software Development

We work hard to make the path to sustainable business growth straightforward and fulfilling, whether you're seeking for end-to-end product development or a scale-up of your in-house staff.

As a company with software product development expertise, we assist enterprises at each step of the development life cycle: from ideation to implementation and production.

Mobile Application Development

We expertly redesign your existing mobile application with custom features, integrations, and modifications, or we can create the ideal mobile app from scratch.

We are highly skilled at creating Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps that include all of your necessary and specifically tailored business requirements at competitive prices.

Custom API Development & Integration

Using REST, SOAP, XML, and RPC API protocols, our developers-for-hire offer reliable API development and third-party API integration services, increasing the capabilities of your present application with new and pre-existing third-party systems & devices.

We can connect a third-party API to enable your software solution to smoothly interface with other apps, devices, and business processes or we can design a new API to improve your present off-the-shelf solution.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

We provide software testing and quality assurance services to ensure full compliance and high-quality software every time.

Zenstream conducts functional testing to ensure that each software component or the whole system operates in conformance with a technical specification. We focus on preventing unexpected or problematic software behaviors and detecting functionality defects at all stages of a development life cycle.

Cloud Application Development

Our cloud team develops systems that are incredibly scalable, tremendously secure, and effectively planned to maximize your ROI.

Integrating processes, databases, and network resources will help your firm become more productive by enabling data flow and transactions between various systems as you go to the cloud.

Big Data and Data Engineering

The Data Analysis Management Information System is a cloud-based analytics software tool that aims to help users discover insights without the need for analyst input.

It unifies IT-managed enterprise data with user-owned data, supporting the blending of both in a top-down and bottom-up manner. It uses consistent business metrics to structure raw data into organized sets and visualizations.

Licensing and Copyright

Zenstream currently provides non-sublicensable and non-transferable license to install and use the software and application products during the applicable License Term for business purposes.

We will provide copyright and licensed software program for payment gateways, big data and data engineering and other areas in a very short future.

We Focus on


Analyzing the aggregated data services information and related intelligent application products.


Continuous developing codes for data products, focus on software copyrights license sale and service.


Providing customed service to the key customers on end-to-end data products. Analysis tools and financial products.


Developing codes for third-party/aggregated payment gateway platform and settlement systems, mobile wallet payment products.

Intellectual Property

All of Zenstream’s products have completely independent intellectual property copyrights. Zenstream focuses on software design and development, and we will apply for relevant intellectual property protection for international markets.

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